Please first fill out the VERY brief survey about the consent forms for your studies: . It has only few questions and should take only a few minutes to fill out. Even if your Consent form doesn’t include yet any provision for data sharing – your contribution would be very valuable, although would consist of simply saying “No”.

Additional materials

Please report to GitHub issues or even send a new pull request via GitHub pull requests with

  • samples of consent forms allowing re-distribution/deposit to public archives
  • relevant publications and discussions
  • changes/recommendations for the ultimate consent form formulation

IRB committee members

We would welcome your feedback very much, in particular

  • what concerns on public sharing of neuroimaging data you might have if any identifiable information removed (e.g. skull stripped) and subjects agreed to those terms?
  • what particular consent form composition and wording aspects would you recommend? (e.g. “make it an explicit additional form requiring a separate signature”) and why?

Contact information